Monday, October 25, 2010

Dreaming it to life...

I have a life motto... On my death bed, I don't want to look back over my life and say I woulda, shoulda, coulda!

I want to look back and know that I tried it all, did it all, and lived every moment of my life to its fullest. Is there any other way? For too many years I allowed myself to be bound by false beliefs and teachings. Once I broke away from that, I REALLY started LIVING!

After moving to our dream home in Tennessee, I decided that I was going to retire from web design. With the dot-com craze and all that went with it, I had burned myself out with design and wanted a break from the demanding, often unrealistic people I contracted myself too. So, I spent the first few months in Tennessee just trying to find myself and began writing. Something I NEVER saw myself doing professionally.  Needless to say, I became a published author on accident.

Around February of 2004 I longed to do something more than sit around and write. I was cooking gourmet meals for Mike and the kids every day and slowly began to realize that I could make money with my love for cooking.  Little by little the desire to open a small, cozy restaurant became a burning desire and I felt driven to make it happen.

Mike thought I was nuts. He pointed out all the reasons why the restaurant business was a bad idea. It took years to make any profit and the work was hard and the hours were long. My mother, having been in the business many years before echoed his thoughts and opinions on the matter, but in my heart, I knew I wanted to at least try it.

You need quite a bit of startup capital to open a restaurant, even a tiny one like I was wanting to do, but the desire was there and I began making plans. I JUST BELIEVED that the money would come from somewhere. Everyone in my family thought I was crazy, but deep in my heart I KNEW I was going to open a restaurant!

I picked a name, and began designing menus. Each day I would visualize myself in the kitchen of that restaurant cooking for my customers. I went for rides around town and found a location and then visualized how I would fix the building up to reflect the cute little deli/bistro I had in my mind. I shared my vision with friends and then out of the blue, one of my web design clients called me up and said...

"Shell, I'm coming to Tennessee to see you... I want to invest in your restaurant idea!"  HA!!

I had NO IDEA that she was going to do that. I just believed that the startup capital was out there in the world and it would find me, somehow, some did. I just BELIEVED!

My friend came to Tennessee and we rented the building I had chosen weeks before. Mike and I agreed we would do the renovations ourselves to save time and money and within a month, my dream came to life. We decorated the space in bright, cheerful colors with wood floors, shelves made to hold the fresh Artisan breads and rolls I would bake and a glass case to display the scrumptious Italian desserts I would sell.  The business would be a New York Style Bakery and Deli right in the heart of a quaint southern town.

The local newspaper ran an article about the new restaurant and the public stopped by daily to check on our progress and ask when we would open.

Grand opening day came and the lines stretched out the door and around the corner... Toodles Deli and Bakery was a hit! We served over 10,000 customers (one-third of the county population) in one month! People came from as far away as North Carolina to purchase my homemade Italian sausage and cannoli's, We names some of our original dishes after local attorney's that helped make them famous. We made friends in a town where outsiders are normally kept at arms length. It was a dream come true.

After I opened the deli, I looked back in my journals and read my own story. I had Simply Believed it was going to happen, I daydreamed, imagined, and literally visualized every aspect of the deli from the decor to the menu. I even built a website for the business before I had the seed money...I just KNEW it was going to happen.

Simply Believing is a way of life for me. Long before the "law of Attraction" craze became popular, I put to practice the methods that basically attract your hearts desires. I let go of the fears and the false beliefs and opened the doors of abundance in my life.

A little over a year after I opened the deli, I realized that my husband was right... it WAS a lot of work!! I felt my heart pulling me in a new direction and to the disappointment of my considerable customer base, I decided to close Toodles and move on to brighter things... I had no regrets just good memories, tons of new friends, and a sense of fulfillment at having accomplished another goal. I could look back on my life someday and say... I did it. I believed it, and I did it.

So few people that teach the law of attraction principles have actually experienced the major things it can do for you. In many cases, people are taking advantage of the burst in popularity but really don't know or realize themselves how powerful the principles are...I'm not talking about free parking spaces and refund checks in the mail. I am talking about PROFOUND things... LIFE CHANGING events that can be attracted when you truly learn how to PROPERLY harness the power of the law of attraction.

As anyone who knows me or follows my Facebook or blogs know, I am CRAZY about the Autumn and Holiday season. Every year I make sure my family makes the most precious memories and we always practice the traditions that have been part of my family for over two centuries. This year, sooo many people are writing in to my advice line asking how they can get out of the rut their in and make it a great year too.

I'm here to tell anyone that will listen that YOU CAN achieve EVERYTHING you need to achieve and even the things you WANT to achieve! Unlike other teachers of the LOA, I'll walk you step by step through the process of believing your dreams to life!!

Join me for my upcoming Christmas Miracle LIVE Interactive webcast. This event will change your life!

Until we meet again...Simply Believe!!

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