Thursday, October 28, 2010

Using Subliminal Messages to Manifest Your Dreams

For many years advertisers have been using subliminal messages in their ads to entice the consumer, albeit unknowingly, into buying their products and services.  There is even evidence that Disney and even the government have used subliminal audio and flash to embed messages into the viewers sub-conscious.  Needless to say the feedback on subliminal messaging is mixed. 

Some people are totally against it and believe it can only be used for negative purposes while others believe that it can be used to embed positive messages into the subconscious for the purpose of self-improvement.  Some people don't believe it works at all. When a church or other religious group uses subliminal messaging to brainwash people unknowingly and against their will they are in the wrong. The same goes for advertising companies who only want to entice consumers to buy their products and services irregardless if they need them or not.  When the government uses subliminal messaging, well... the government denies ever using it so, that in itself tells us they are up to no good. These days, that doesn't surprise me! LOL! 

After researching the good and bad of subliminal messaging I concluded that when used for self-improvement purposes, it is a good thing.  I started by downloading a few subliminal audio messages for relaxing and reaching a state of calm. These audio tracks, made up of the sound of the ocean waves lapping against the shore, had a subliminal message embedded designed to help the listener achieve a state of calm. A calm mind, a calm spirit, and a relaxed feeling.  

As I listened to the audio I began to feel so light and relaxed. Something that is tough to achieve in my home and life. By the second time I listened to the audio, I was feeling very calm. That was the first night I actually slept through the night without waking up once! It's now a regular thing...sleeping through the the night that is! I haven't been able to do that in years. 

My next experiment was to set 3 goals for myself using subliminal flash on my computer. I listened to the advice of a few and created my own custom messages using special software. I programmed the messages to flash for 1/100000 of a second every 2 seconds on my computer screen. The results have been UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Two of my 3 goals were met and surpassed. I didn't set just any goals, I set challenging goals that weren't likely to be easy. Without even realizing I was reaching the goals, and way faster than I expected, I accomplished 2 and the 3rd is as good as done too! 

Of course, there has to be the few doom-sayers that try to discourage you from trying or doing anything they themselves weren't successful with OR that they were taught is bad or wrong... to those people I say... "mind your business" You do what works for you and I'll do what works for me! 

I communicated with about a dozen people who had used subliminal messaging successfully. Each one of the people I spoke to had incredible results. One person increased their sales at work by almost $30,000, another person lost 43 pounds, another won $225,000 in their state lottery! One gal met her soon to be husband and another lady used subliminal messaging to learn patience, which she says was something she greatly lacked and was making her life miserable. All of these people used subliminal messaging to improve themselves and their lives. It was used oin a positive way and netted super positive results! 

I'll be adding a segment about subliminal messaging to the Christmas Miracle workshop with a free custom message.  Register at 

If you'd like to know more about how to use subliminal messaging for anything from losing weight to quitting smoking or other bad habits to being more successful in your career or business and family endeavors, email me at and I'll be happy to share what I know and even point you in the right direction to have your own custom messages made. 

I'll be sharing more subliminal message success stories with you over the next few weeks so stay tuned! I'd love to hear your feedback too! 

Until we meet again...Simply Believe!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dreaming it to life...

I have a life motto... On my death bed, I don't want to look back over my life and say I woulda, shoulda, coulda!

I want to look back and know that I tried it all, did it all, and lived every moment of my life to its fullest. Is there any other way? For too many years I allowed myself to be bound by false beliefs and teachings. Once I broke away from that, I REALLY started LIVING!

After moving to our dream home in Tennessee, I decided that I was going to retire from web design. With the dot-com craze and all that went with it, I had burned myself out with design and wanted a break from the demanding, often unrealistic people I contracted myself too. So, I spent the first few months in Tennessee just trying to find myself and began writing. Something I NEVER saw myself doing professionally.  Needless to say, I became a published author on accident.

Around February of 2004 I longed to do something more than sit around and write. I was cooking gourmet meals for Mike and the kids every day and slowly began to realize that I could make money with my love for cooking.  Little by little the desire to open a small, cozy restaurant became a burning desire and I felt driven to make it happen.

Mike thought I was nuts. He pointed out all the reasons why the restaurant business was a bad idea. It took years to make any profit and the work was hard and the hours were long. My mother, having been in the business many years before echoed his thoughts and opinions on the matter, but in my heart, I knew I wanted to at least try it.

You need quite a bit of startup capital to open a restaurant, even a tiny one like I was wanting to do, but the desire was there and I began making plans. I JUST BELIEVED that the money would come from somewhere. Everyone in my family thought I was crazy, but deep in my heart I KNEW I was going to open a restaurant!

I picked a name, and began designing menus. Each day I would visualize myself in the kitchen of that restaurant cooking for my customers. I went for rides around town and found a location and then visualized how I would fix the building up to reflect the cute little deli/bistro I had in my mind. I shared my vision with friends and then out of the blue, one of my web design clients called me up and said...

"Shell, I'm coming to Tennessee to see you... I want to invest in your restaurant idea!"  HA!!

I had NO IDEA that she was going to do that. I just believed that the startup capital was out there in the world and it would find me, somehow, some did. I just BELIEVED!

My friend came to Tennessee and we rented the building I had chosen weeks before. Mike and I agreed we would do the renovations ourselves to save time and money and within a month, my dream came to life. We decorated the space in bright, cheerful colors with wood floors, shelves made to hold the fresh Artisan breads and rolls I would bake and a glass case to display the scrumptious Italian desserts I would sell.  The business would be a New York Style Bakery and Deli right in the heart of a quaint southern town.

The local newspaper ran an article about the new restaurant and the public stopped by daily to check on our progress and ask when we would open.

Grand opening day came and the lines stretched out the door and around the corner... Toodles Deli and Bakery was a hit! We served over 10,000 customers (one-third of the county population) in one month! People came from as far away as North Carolina to purchase my homemade Italian sausage and cannoli's, We names some of our original dishes after local attorney's that helped make them famous. We made friends in a town where outsiders are normally kept at arms length. It was a dream come true.

After I opened the deli, I looked back in my journals and read my own story. I had Simply Believed it was going to happen, I daydreamed, imagined, and literally visualized every aspect of the deli from the decor to the menu. I even built a website for the business before I had the seed money...I just KNEW it was going to happen.

Simply Believing is a way of life for me. Long before the "law of Attraction" craze became popular, I put to practice the methods that basically attract your hearts desires. I let go of the fears and the false beliefs and opened the doors of abundance in my life.

A little over a year after I opened the deli, I realized that my husband was right... it WAS a lot of work!! I felt my heart pulling me in a new direction and to the disappointment of my considerable customer base, I decided to close Toodles and move on to brighter things... I had no regrets just good memories, tons of new friends, and a sense of fulfillment at having accomplished another goal. I could look back on my life someday and say... I did it. I believed it, and I did it.

So few people that teach the law of attraction principles have actually experienced the major things it can do for you. In many cases, people are taking advantage of the burst in popularity but really don't know or realize themselves how powerful the principles are...I'm not talking about free parking spaces and refund checks in the mail. I am talking about PROFOUND things... LIFE CHANGING events that can be attracted when you truly learn how to PROPERLY harness the power of the law of attraction.

As anyone who knows me or follows my Facebook or blogs know, I am CRAZY about the Autumn and Holiday season. Every year I make sure my family makes the most precious memories and we always practice the traditions that have been part of my family for over two centuries. This year, sooo many people are writing in to my advice line asking how they can get out of the rut their in and make it a great year too.

I'm here to tell anyone that will listen that YOU CAN achieve EVERYTHING you need to achieve and even the things you WANT to achieve! Unlike other teachers of the LOA, I'll walk you step by step through the process of believing your dreams to life!!

Join me for my upcoming Christmas Miracle LIVE Interactive webcast. This event will change your life!

Until we meet again...Simply Believe!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Getting a Head Start on the Holidays!

I'm hearing a lot of holiday pre-depression amongst my social circles. A lot of my friends are worried that their holiday is going to be leaner than years past and to that I say..."It doesn't have to be!!"

I decided that no matter what, I am going to make this THE BEST Christmas EVER! The power to do so, really is within each and every one of us. Let me repeat that. YOU Have the power to make this holiday ANYTHING you want it to be!

One thing I believe in is the power of the imagination and the feelings it creates to produce miracles and manifestations of our hearts desires. I'm not saying it because I read it in a book, I'm saying it because it works! Let me share just one of many times that Simply Believing has manifested my dreams. 

Seven years ago while living in Palm Beach County, Florida I started feeling the urge to move. There was really no major reason for this. We lived in a gorgeous house with a pool, in one of the nicest neighborhoods, the kids were in good schools, and we were pretty happy there. But I just started longing for a quieter, less congested way of life. South Florida was over populated and living on a zero lot line, no matter how beautiful the house, starts to get old. So, I began searching the Internet for "country homes" and came across a small town Realtor listing titled "Gorgeous Mountain Views!" - I clicked on the pictures and knew in an instant that the house I was looking at was where we belonged. 

Now to convince my husband, Mike.  

Mike had just retired as a Special Agent Supervisor with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and was at that stage where he wasn't sure if he was enjoying retirement or wanted to go back to work. Cops are funny about that stuff... many of them have a hard time leaving the job behind and as time would prove, he ended up going back! That's a whole 'nuther story! 

Anyway, as Mike came waking through our room, I was laying on the bed reading and casually mentioned that it would be nice to move to the mountains, maybe, Tennessee? 

His response was a firm "No!" then "I am NOT moving to the mountains in Tennessee, we have a perfectly good house and good lives here!"

"OK" I said... "But just check out this house even if to only daydream about it". He looked at the pictures but still insisted he would never move to Tennessee. In my heart of hearts, I KNEW we were going to move to Tennessee and live in the mountains! I printed the pictures and kept them in my desk drawer. I took them out regularly and imagined us in that house, walking on the 30 acres of surrounding property, baking apple pies in the country kitchen... well, you get the picture! I basically imagined I was there already! 

Two days later, Mike came walking through the room again, where I was once again laying on the bed reading and said, "Ya dad was from Tennessee, maybe I should just go up there and take a look around".  

I am sure he was wondering why my jaw was on the floor but I wasn't giving him any time to change his mind!  We agreed that I would stay in Florida as the kids were in school and we had pets, etc. that we couldn't afford to board, etc. You know, all the details you have to address before you take a vacation. 

We stayed up late that night planning and setting times to travel and the next day we called a few  realtor's so Mike could look at houses. He insisted we have more than one house to look at just in case. I insisted back that the house I had found earlier that week was the one we were meant to be in... "we'll see", he said. 

So a week later he got in the car and headed north to Tennessee... This was in September of 2003. He arrived in east Tennessee at the most beautiful time of the year. He called home at least twice an hour to give me updates and he brought the video camera with him to video any houses so I could see them as well. Within 2 days, Mike was hooked and one way or another, we were moving. He met with Marie, the listing agent for my "dream house" and although the house was 30-years OLDER than our home in Florida, he fell in love with it too! It had 3 fireplaces, an extra building with storage and a spot to set up a retreat or office for him, mountains, mountains and more mountains!! The house was 3800 sq feet, over 1000 sq feet larger than the house we were in and the asking price was $100K LESS than what we paid for out home in Florida.  He videoed the house and the owners were the epitome of Southern hospitality.They told Mike they hoped we'd get the house.  But then came the bad news.

There was already a contract on the home with a couple from North Carolina.  Ugh... my heart fell BUT something inside told me that we were going to have that house. The Realtor told Mike that the sale to the other couple was contingent on them selling their home in NC. Mike, stepping totally out of character, made an offer on the house, outbid the other couple and told the Realtor we would purchase the house BEFORE we sold our home in Florida!!  

You have to know my husband to know how totally out of character this move was for him. A half million dollars in mortgages on our back and only his retirement supporting us with minor income from my business was truly a gutsy move for anyone let alone my ultra conservative about money, husband. 

So back and forth we went and the owners agreed that they liked us better and wanted us to have the house. As the saying goes... We made them an offer they couldn't refuse! LOL!!

Mike came back to Florida super excited but in keeping with his 30-years of government training... a bit nervous about the situation we had put ourselves in by adding another mortgage to our backs. 

I wasn't worried at all! As soon as he called me from the Realtors office to tell me what he had done, I began visualizing being in our new country home! I imagined that I was there, cleaning, decorating, cooking and living in that house. Nothing could shake the feelings of excitement and contentment. I really, really FELT like I was already there. It was SO AWESOME!!!

A week later, worries about having enough money to pack and move a 5-bedroom house out-of-state were put to rest when I sold a massive web design contract for $75,000.  I knew we needed the money to move and not put a strain on our finances, so, I imagined that there was a client out in the world somewhere who needed my services and would find me... they did and I made three times what I make on an average job! Way more than enough for us to get settled and enjoy our new home before going back to work. 

We put our Florida house on the market Thanksgiving weekend 2003. Eleven (11) days later we sold the house! A month later, on Christmas Eve 2003, we arrived at our new country home nestled in the foothills of the GORGEOUS Smokey mountains!! The first thing I did after unpacking was bake an apple pie! I wanted to fill the house with the aroma of something sweet and homey.  As I stood in the kitchen, watching the fire in the fireplace (we have a fireplace in our kitchen, living room and downstairs sitting room!) I was in total awe of how I had literally manifested the things I had imagined! 

Our country home atop English Mountain is one of the greatest dreams I have ever manifested and in only 3 months too mind you. No matter what the situation or issues we're dealing with, our home here always brings comfort and revival to our spirits. I can't explain it, but being here on the mountain is like being on vacation all the time. The peace and quiet, nature, wildlife and country living in itself are beyond wonderful.  Bad moods don't last long as all I need to do is walk outside and look around me. I feel rejuvenated! Here is a picture of the view from my front porch... isn't that rainbow GORGEOUS??

The power of imagination, mixed with feelings are a SUPER powerful force in manifesting the desires of our hearts. Most people struggle with doubt, guilt, or just plain unbelief. It only takes ONE time to experience this powerful transformation and manifestation to begin making it a part of your life regularly and this is only ONE of MANY stories I will share with you. It's my favorite!  Of all of the things I have manifested in my life through the power of my imagination, our country home is by far the greatest. It is a place of peace and it houses not only our favorite material things but our most precious treasure... our family.  Since moving to English Mountain, our family has grown closer than ever. 

In sharing one of my manifestation stories with you, it is my hope that you will start to tap into the INCREDIBLE power you have within to start creating a better life.  My whole purpose in life is to help others learn how to tap into this power and utilize it regularly. ANYONE can do it and it doesn't matter what your beliefs... it can and will work for you if you're READY for it to work for you! 

If you're ready to harness this power, please consider registering for my upcoming webcast - A Christmas Miracle. It is a 90-minute, live, interactive workshop that will change your life instantly. The first 25 registrants will receive a FREE copy of the latest book by Rhonda Byrne The Power. As a bonus you'll receive a free 60-minute coaching session with me via phone or in person if you're local, to help get you started! 

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The lessons I teach are designed to help you see results INSTANTLY. 

I hope to see you there! 

Until we meet again...Simply Believe!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

When The Same Ole', Same Ole' Just Doesn't Cut it...

You know... I've been coaching folks through life issues for over 11 years now.  In 2001, I developed and launched one of the very first interactive, online universities, HBU has gone from a family/relationship focused platform to focusing on many issues that effect our relationships, from infidelity to addiction, abuse and financial crisis.  All of these issues effect our relationships in one way or another and the bottom line is, our relationships, specifically our family relationships, are the most valuable asset we have. Unfortunately, too many people put everything before this and then wonder why life is spinning out of control and disintegrating  before their very eyes. If you're family isn't your priority, don't expect anything else to fall into place. It ALL starts at HOME!!

Typically, my email advice line receives about 500-700 emails each week. Over 97% of the emails I am receiving right now are financial related. Finances are the center of pretty much everything in our lives. The financial strain on people is PROFOUNDLY effecting all other areas of their lives. The looming holiday season has many people panicked and wondering how their going to make ends meet let alone joyfully celebrate the holidays. So, instead of this being a time of joy and excitement, it is quickly turning into a time of fear and anxiety.  The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way and if you are one of the people facing a bleak holiday season, I'm here to tell you that it can be the best year EVER if you're ready to break habit and look at life through different lenses. 

One thing I notice is that people are facing huge challenges in their lives and are attacking those challenges using old methods that produce absolutely NO results. Sometimes, they continue to use the same strategy out of habit but mostly they do it because they've been taught it's the only way. Fear of violating some rule or teaching that might or might not offend someone is a pretty stupid reason to continue suffering when you don't have too. 

A while ago, I too found myself doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (Didn't someone once say that's the definition of insanity?). Then one day I realized the method I was using wasn't right. I had been told repeatedly that it HAD to be that way or else. Or else I would go to hell, offend God, offend my church friends, etc.  What I realized was that the methods I had been taught all along used the power of fear to keep me rooted to a spot of lack and need.  NO WAY could this be the way it was intended!!  I decided that I was going to step off the cliff, do what I knew deep down in my heart I needed to do and go another way. 

I did. And life changed almost INSTANTLY and in a most spectacular and profound way!!  

All of a sudden, I had more of everything! More time to spend with my precious family (if any of you REALLY know me, you know my family is my most treasured and loved asset), more energy to do more things around my home and with my business, more money to do things I wanted to do and also to help people I couldn't afford to help or do for when I was caught in that "fear" of wanting more.  

I shared my new methods in my coaching and teaching and you know what? The people I was coaching and teaching began to see a profound change too! Little by little they too shed the guilt and fear of false teachings and beliefs and began living abundantly in ALL areas of their lives. Family, Career, Financial, Spiritually... ALL areas. Fear is a powerful, powerful tool and it'll cripple a person and prevent them from ever moving forward in life. Once you've overcome fear, you are truly capable of doing ANYTHING and I do mean ANYTHING you want to do. 

For those who choose to stick to the old methods, well, the bottom line're being left behind. Only you can step out of those chains that bound you to a spot of lack and need. Only YOU can choose to put to work all of the gifts and assets you've been blessed with and born with. Only YOU can choose to break free from a life of fear based habits that will NEVER, EVER amount to anything more than wishes and wanting. 

Sure, Christmas is right around the corner and you may have a mountain of debt in front of you with no idea how your going to pay it. You might be facing a foreclosure or dealing with a job loss, health issue or even a divorce, but the fact is... EVERY single bit of that can change for the better if your ready to change it. Are you ready to stop worrying and ready to start LIVING?? Then stay tuned... over the next 8 weeks I'll be presenting bits and pieces of my Christmas Miracle workshop right here on my blog. 

You can also join us for the 4th Annual Christmas Miracle Live, Interactive workshop where you'll learn, in depth, the methods for manifesting instant change and miracles in your life... This workshop is my most attended each year. As a special treat, you'll get to hear the testimonies of others who have applied my methods and enjoyed incredible results, you'll also receive a FREE copy of the Simply Believe Workbook to use during the workshop and a FREE 60-minute coaching session with me to help you get started! 

As a bonus, the first 25 registrants will receive a free copy of The Power by Rhonda Byrne (author of The Secret). 

I hope you'll come back and visit and I hope you'll invest in the workshop. I GUARANTEE (really, I do!) it'll change your life FOREVER! 

Until we meet again...Simply Believe!