Sunday, October 17, 2010

When The Same Ole', Same Ole' Just Doesn't Cut it...

You know... I've been coaching folks through life issues for over 11 years now.  In 2001, I developed and launched one of the very first interactive, online universities, HBU has gone from a family/relationship focused platform to focusing on many issues that effect our relationships, from infidelity to addiction, abuse and financial crisis.  All of these issues effect our relationships in one way or another and the bottom line is, our relationships, specifically our family relationships, are the most valuable asset we have. Unfortunately, too many people put everything before this and then wonder why life is spinning out of control and disintegrating  before their very eyes. If you're family isn't your priority, don't expect anything else to fall into place. It ALL starts at HOME!!

Typically, my email advice line receives about 500-700 emails each week. Over 97% of the emails I am receiving right now are financial related. Finances are the center of pretty much everything in our lives. The financial strain on people is PROFOUNDLY effecting all other areas of their lives. The looming holiday season has many people panicked and wondering how their going to make ends meet let alone joyfully celebrate the holidays. So, instead of this being a time of joy and excitement, it is quickly turning into a time of fear and anxiety.  The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way and if you are one of the people facing a bleak holiday season, I'm here to tell you that it can be the best year EVER if you're ready to break habit and look at life through different lenses. 

One thing I notice is that people are facing huge challenges in their lives and are attacking those challenges using old methods that produce absolutely NO results. Sometimes, they continue to use the same strategy out of habit but mostly they do it because they've been taught it's the only way. Fear of violating some rule or teaching that might or might not offend someone is a pretty stupid reason to continue suffering when you don't have too. 

A while ago, I too found myself doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (Didn't someone once say that's the definition of insanity?). Then one day I realized the method I was using wasn't right. I had been told repeatedly that it HAD to be that way or else. Or else I would go to hell, offend God, offend my church friends, etc.  What I realized was that the methods I had been taught all along used the power of fear to keep me rooted to a spot of lack and need.  NO WAY could this be the way it was intended!!  I decided that I was going to step off the cliff, do what I knew deep down in my heart I needed to do and go another way. 

I did. And life changed almost INSTANTLY and in a most spectacular and profound way!!  

All of a sudden, I had more of everything! More time to spend with my precious family (if any of you REALLY know me, you know my family is my most treasured and loved asset), more energy to do more things around my home and with my business, more money to do things I wanted to do and also to help people I couldn't afford to help or do for when I was caught in that "fear" of wanting more.  

I shared my new methods in my coaching and teaching and you know what? The people I was coaching and teaching began to see a profound change too! Little by little they too shed the guilt and fear of false teachings and beliefs and began living abundantly in ALL areas of their lives. Family, Career, Financial, Spiritually... ALL areas. Fear is a powerful, powerful tool and it'll cripple a person and prevent them from ever moving forward in life. Once you've overcome fear, you are truly capable of doing ANYTHING and I do mean ANYTHING you want to do. 

For those who choose to stick to the old methods, well, the bottom line're being left behind. Only you can step out of those chains that bound you to a spot of lack and need. Only YOU can choose to put to work all of the gifts and assets you've been blessed with and born with. Only YOU can choose to break free from a life of fear based habits that will NEVER, EVER amount to anything more than wishes and wanting. 

Sure, Christmas is right around the corner and you may have a mountain of debt in front of you with no idea how your going to pay it. You might be facing a foreclosure or dealing with a job loss, health issue or even a divorce, but the fact is... EVERY single bit of that can change for the better if your ready to change it. Are you ready to stop worrying and ready to start LIVING?? Then stay tuned... over the next 8 weeks I'll be presenting bits and pieces of my Christmas Miracle workshop right here on my blog. 

You can also join us for the 4th Annual Christmas Miracle Live, Interactive workshop where you'll learn, in depth, the methods for manifesting instant change and miracles in your life... This workshop is my most attended each year. As a special treat, you'll get to hear the testimonies of others who have applied my methods and enjoyed incredible results, you'll also receive a FREE copy of the Simply Believe Workbook to use during the workshop and a FREE 60-minute coaching session with me to help you get started! 

As a bonus, the first 25 registrants will receive a free copy of The Power by Rhonda Byrne (author of The Secret). 

I hope you'll come back and visit and I hope you'll invest in the workshop. I GUARANTEE (really, I do!) it'll change your life FOREVER! 

Until we meet again...Simply Believe! 


  1. Thank you, Michele!
    Rarely do I get through a blog post before boredom sets in, but your timely message is relavent and heaven sent. God bless you and your ministry! I can feel the excitement of good things happening to those who will take heart and believe what you say!
    In Christ,
    Juli Becker

  2. Wow, I can't believe that Juli Becker has my maiden name! Anyway, Shell, I've been so enjoying your posts. You are inspirational. I'm reading The Power right now. Very interesting and lots of good visulizations to practice. Keep up the good work! Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein


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