Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Politics...The Great Divider!

Ah Election Day... if you wanna see the ugly come out in people, yesterday was the day you'd most likely see it.

Our nation has never been in a bigger mess than it is right now. America is divided and that's a fact. It seems like even good friends can't discuss their political opinions or views without it turning nasty. Just the other week, my dad and I were enjoying our daily call when politics entered the conversation. It went down hill from there. Being that we're almost exactly alike when it comes to temperament, you know, that good ole' fashioned hot-headed Italian temper...not only did the call get loud, it got a little ugly. Regrettably, I think I accused my dad of being senile during the call because his political opinions were, in my opinion, not correct. I know he shot some good insults back at me and  by the time it was all said and done, we hung up aggravated with each other.

Fortunately, after a good night sleep, we were buddies again the next day. Although, it still bothers me that my dad (and my mom) are being schmoozed by the far-right, conservative, fear-mongering, Fox News brain washing. (You can use the comments section to fight with me hehehe). They both like Hannity and O'Reily...ugh... what happened to the conservative Democrats that raised me to think for myself and never believe anything just because the news or Glenn Beck says it? I think the Tea Party abducted my parents and replaced them with Rush Limbaugh lovin' clones. (Sorry ma and dad... hehe - My Ma reads my blog so be sure to look for her comments in the comment section, I am probably grounded after this post)

It's amazing how politics can take us from a state of bliss to a state of anger, hate, fear, and resentment and don't believe that all of these negative feelings don't affect our ability and power to attract good and positive things into our lives. If you wake up to the news either on the radio, television, or Internet, the first thing that's filling your mind at the start of the day is all of the negative that's happened since the night before. This can and does set the tone for your day.  I didn't realize how much it effected me until I stood back and took stock of how I was starting my day off.

Normally, I got up, got a cup of tea, and sat down to read the news. The good thing about news on the Internet is that after you're done reading, you can then voice your opinion in any number of blogs or forums which almost ALWAYS have people who oppose your view. This quickly turns into debate and depending on if your winning or losing, sets the tone of your day. At least it did mine. Especially if I was losing.

I honestly didn't believe something as routine as reading the news could effect the way my day went, but as with a lot of other things, I put it to the test and proved to myself that it really did.

So what did I do? I stopped reading the news fist thing in the morning. Sometimes, when I glance at the headlines and see it's all negative, I avoid it altogether. ESPECIALLY when the negativity is about politics.  In all honesty, I can't in good faith say that I think Democrats are the better party. I believe both sides have done an equal amount of damage to our nation in their bid to be in control.  But you know what? I'm going to continue to move forward and upward with my life.  I am going to keep being positive, keep being kind and compassionate to people, I'm going to keep being the BEST American citizen I can be.  That's all any of us can do.

It's obvious that our elected officials are only interested in doing what's best for themselves and their interests. It's up to each of us to do what's best for us and ours. Don't you agree?

If your guy didn't win, that's OK... let it go... don't allow the resentment and disappointment hold you back from the abundance you can and will achieve. Instead of fighting with your neighbor about the difference of opinion, embrace, with love, the fact that you can agree to disagree and still stay friends. Try to listen to them with an open mind and ask them to do the same. If that's not possible then put the difference aside and move on. No politics are worth losing a friend over.  No political beliefs are worth destroying a relationship for. And  as a believer of the law-of-attraction, you can't harbor those negative feelings and expect to draw positive things. Make peace... find a way to unite and work together... our politicians surely aren't... WE THE PEOPLE CAN!

I am working on an excellent article about paying it forward for my next post. I know you'll love it!

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Until we meet again... Simply Believe!

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