Monday, November 22, 2010

Refuse to Participate!

Man...what a rough year it has been for many. Everywhere you look there is someone who is sinking in circumstances. In my lifetime, I have never seen the world in such distress and those who are older than me, claim it hasn't been this bad since the Great Depression days. 

It's tough not to read the news every day and be effected by what is going on around you. Add people to the mix, positive and negative and it can feel like an emotional and psychological roller coaster that has you feeling like you've already reached the high tops one day but the next you feel like your sliding down the face of Mount Everest at warp speed. It's a heck of a way to live and tough to see an end too when you're going through it. 

In my house, this week starts the annual holiday festivities. We began partying on Saturday with my son's 16th birthday and this year, with all of the negative going on around us, I've decided to make this the most festive year ever. What's more, I am going to make sure that we enjoy every single second of it too! The next 6-weeks are going to be full of fun, laugher, family times, and traditions. I've already begun and my family is catching on quickly. The kids are super excited about Thanksgiving Day when we begin decorating for Christmas. The work gods were smiling down on us and Mike goes off duty Tuesday at 3AM and doesn't return until Saturday at 4PM!  That gives us PLENTY of time to get our house decked out for the holidays! I'm trying to be contagious with my positive attitude and excitement and so far, it's working!  

I'm still receiving emails from people that just don't see how things can change. These people have made it a point to focus on everything negative in their lives and they refuse to see it any other way and then wonder why things keep getting worse instead of better. They want to focus on the past, the lack, the sorrow, and the worry. In reality, they are attracting all of those things into their lives.  They resent the success of others and they continue to participate in the events of the world around them instead of refusing to participate in the recession and all it entails. 

That's right... I said, "REFUSE to participate". What I mean is, refuse to participate in the mindset of recession, lack and resentment. It's not as hard as you think it may be. 

Every single person I come in contact with has the ability and the resources to be so much greater than they allow themselves to be. They have simply buried these positive tools so deep that they simply see them as non-existent.  EVERYONE has what it takes to be successful. EVERYONE!

Most of the time, I hear people say that they are just praying and waiting for their deity to send the answer. That's very noble, but weren't you blessed with the gifts needed to bring the answers to those prayers into your life? For whatever reason, people have chosen to just sit back and wait for the answer to drop out of the sky. In the meantime, they have everything it takes to begin moving towards that answer or desire. I personally believe, too many people use this as an excuse to not act. They use the fear of offending someone or something that isn't correct and in the process they totally defeat the purpose and power of their beliefs. Nothing good will result from fear. NOTHING.  Until you face those fears and deal with them head on, you will continue to wait in frustration for an event that will never come and then be satisfied with the "it wasn't meant to be" explanation that so many fall back on.  The bottom line is, if you have reached a point where you feel you have no other option but to sit still and do nothing, GET UP AND DO SOMETHING! You have NOTHING to LOSE and EVERYTHING to gain! 

People need to start thinking for themselves. It is this surrender of control of our own logical thinking that has left so many in dire straits. People have forgotten how to use their own reasoning and intelligence to go after the life they want. They fight to the death their refusal to make decisions and take actions based on what someone has told them they need to believe. Rarely, do I hear stories of how this ever produces gratifying lives. More often than not, I just hear a continuous tale of "wait". 

Come on people! You're NOT a bunch of ROBOTS!

Take your life, your thoughts, and your ability to act BACK into your own hands and stop waiting for answers to fall out of the sky! Use the gifts you've been given to MAKE a better life and to achieve your dreams! You can do it!  If you refuse too, then you only have yourself to blame and you'll have to live with that feeling of desperation and resentment (even if you don't admit it) when you see people around you moving forward while you sit stagnant. 

Start today, right this very second... get a pad and a pen and make a list of the assets you have within yourself.  No gift you've been given is too crazy to utilize. Do you like to paint or write, or something else you consider just a hobby, but think it's just a dream you'll live out some day if you win the lottery? That's ridiculous. You were given the ability to do those things so that you can DO THEM! BUT, somewhere along the way, someone convinced you that it was just a crazy dream that you just can't live until and if the time is ever right in your life. So, you'll spend the next however many decades doing something you sort of like, or that you tolerate simply because it seems to be the "right" way of doing things.  That's LAME! 

This past year I have watched many people rise from the ashes of their lives, out of pure desperation, and a belief that ANYTHING is better than waiting for the end to come. These people believed that they had nothing to lose and they faced their lives with a new attitude that one way or another, they were going to make something of themselves and better their situations. Every one of them, I mean EVERY ONE of them is in a better position than they were when they started! 

So what are you going to do? Are you going to continue to wait for the magic answer to appear or are you going to go on a treasure hunt and dig deep to find the gifts that can be put to work in your life to make it better?  The choice is yours, the time is now, and the success you so feverently dream of is waiting. Stop waiting and go and get it! 

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