Monday, February 21, 2011

The Saving Grace :: Urban Homesteaders

Sometimes you have to be thrust into an unsuspecting situation to truly appreciate some people for who and what they are. Last week, around Wednesday'ish, I had a life changing experience. Good things do come of bad situations and there is still plenty of good left in humanity even if the good ones are off the grid. Well, sort of anyway.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...The world is headed for some mighty big changes. No, I'm not talking about 2012 doomsday scenarios, although, at the rate we're abusing our planet, it's always possible that we'll find ourselves facing cataclysmic events we weren't expecting. No, I'm talking about a shift in attitude en mass. 

If the Durvaes Trademark scandal has accomplished anything, it managed to bring the urban homesteading community together, united in one cause. Within days, hundreds of us had come together as one to fight the greedy corporate attitude that has literally destroyed America starting with one Jules Dervaes and family. We were all sharing, and "liking", friending, and following each other and within days we all gained a couple hundred new friends and colleagues in our quest to make the world a better place.

Urban homesteaders EVERYWHERE today are flooding the Net with articles and posts about the one thing that belongs to no one person but to all of us who wish to live and teach others about living a self-sufficient lifestyle in urban areas e.g. urban homesteading. Not one of us claims to have invented the concepts that set us part from most of society, we all openly share our techniques and secrets with one another. The NERVE of Mr. Durvaes to think he would get away with trying to take our way of life and control it for his profit. Not only NO but HELL NO!

I'm not an urban homesteader, I'm in the process of being a rural homesteader, BUT my website - Under the Willow Tree DOES contain information about urban homesteading (notice I am not using any TM symbols? I REFUSE TO give Mr. D. ANY credit for the lifestyle).

So, what's so great about urban homesteaders and urban homesteading? PLENTY! The urban homesteading community is made up of the very people who will be the saving grace of our society WHEN it goes to crap. These people have mastered the art of living off grid, as much as possible, in urban and suburban settings. They grow their own food, raise their own livestock, make their own cheese, raise their own bees, and SO much more!  The big corporations and government want you to think they are nothing but a bunch of tree-hugging hippies. If you think that, well, then your just one of the sheeple who keeps feeding the corporate machine while they return your loyalty with processed foods that are killing you, chemical saturated nutrition, an environment they are raping for profit, and a speech to make you think they care about you, your family, and your well-being.

"Here, eat these veggies grown from genetically modified seeds"

"Have some of this beef raised on toxic, pesticide coated feed and pumped with more toxic steroids"

Enter an urban homesteader. These people start planning their city gardens the day after Christmas, they spend all of their time supporting themselves and many of them do it on apartment balcony's, rooftops, postage size lots and some even do it indoors. GO figure! They grow and harvest enough to give to their neighbors, the local food bank, and anyone who might need a little help. They do this with no thought of depleting their stock. They just do it. It's the spirit of sharing and giving that makes up their character. Not just here and there, but ALL of them. That's part of who an urban homesteader is.

Some urban homesteaders take it a step further. They've learned what most people don't know or refuse to believe and that is, even our food supply is tainted and poisoned by the big corporations solely for the almighty dollar. Our livestock like beef cows, dairy cows, and chickens are raised in inhumane ways, fed steroids and genetically modified feed to produce MORE MORE MORE for LESS, LESS, LESS! These urban homesteaders are creating organic seeds and feed that eliminate the poison from our food. Most people are too stupid to take them seriously, but many of us know exactly how valuable a part they play in our system. They are creating LIFE and to those of us who belong to this community, they are a saving grace.

Can you grow enough food to sustain your family for an entire winter? Can you preserve it? Know how to raise chickens or bees in your backyard? How about making homemade cheese or soap? Probably not. Urban homesteaders do.

Go ahead, call us tree huggers, we are. Make fun of our burning desire to store our food and preserve all we can in case of an emergency,  call us hippies... it kinda has a nice ring to it these days. But when you're done making fun, remember, it's the neighbor next door to you who has turned their 500 square foot yard or their 10 square foot balcony into a harvest that may be your saving grace if disaster strikes.

It's time to wake up people. You've been used by corporate America long enough. Find the energy, find the time and find the desire to start living a more self-sustaining life. Go ahead, tell us we're all doom-sayers and survivalists, maybe we are. But then take a moment to remember events like Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath and how responsive the government was to New Orleans. Do you think they'd do any better in a city like New York, Los Angeles  or Miami? Good luck!

Are you ready for the increase on your food, fuel and basic essentials? Can your already strapped budget afford to go out and buy healthy, organic, fresh produce? Probably not. It might be a good time to make friends with your neighborhood urban homesteader. They may be your saving grace. While you're at it, learn as much as you can from them. I guarantee you won't be sorry.

Today is dedicated to urban, suburban, and rural homesteaders EVERYWHERE! In my opinion, these fine folks may be the saving grace when it all finally goes to hell in a hand basket.


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  1. Great post! Thanks for following. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

  2. Interesting post! I understand first hand what it is like for someone to profit off of others hard earned efforts.

  3. Thanks for the post... These guys are becoming the Monsanto of urban homesteading... and business-wise... good publicity bad publicity; some say its the same thing, but in this case bad publicity is bad publicity... i think they might have proverbially shot themselves in the foot...


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